Stretch film ENOfilms

Manual and machine stretch films by ENOfilms

STAMH Tech is exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the German manufacturer of stretch film M+B packaging group GMBH. The brand we offer is ENOfilms, the red cores!

ENOfilms specialize in the production of ultra-thin and energy-efficient films. A key feature of the products is that they are extremely flexible and puncture resistant. The company policy is to produce thinner films on the market, thus significantly reducing the cost and the added value of packaging to our customers. Thin films are economically viable because they have more meters of film per kilogram and in combination with lower packing costs, generate better financial results.

Manual stretch films

The latest product ENOxtrem11 easily replaces conventional stretch films with a thickness of 15-23 μ. The tests confirm a higher holding force with up to 60% cost savings compared to conventional stretch films. We also offer the inovative manual wrapping system - ENOergo.

  • ENOergo system - this is revolution in manual wrapping. A perfect combination of inovative dispenser and specialy developed high-performance stretch film. With ENOergo any operator can achieve excellent wrapping result with equal holding force on each pallet.
  • ENOxtrem 9 - Thickness - 9 μ  / Width - 450/500 mm / Lenght - 300 m/roll
  • ENOxtrem 11 - Thickness - 11 μ  / Width - 450/500 mm / Lenght - 250 m/roll

We also offer pre-stretched films with even lower thickness and with double folded edges for more holding resistance.

  • Thickness - 6 μ / Width - 375 mm / Lenght - 220 m/roll
  • Thickness - 8 μ / Width - 450 mm / Lenght - 300 m/roll


Machine stretch films

We offer full range of stretch films suitable for semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping machines with or withour motorized pre-stretch systems.

  • For machines without pre-stretch system -  ENOxtreme with thickness 9/11/14 μ and elongation 45/80/120%
  • For machines with pre-strech system - ENOevopower with thickness 12/14/16/19/21 μ and elongation 180/200/220/250/270%
  • For machines with pre-strech system - ENOfuture with thickness 12/14/16/19/21 μ and elongation 290/320/350/380/410%
  • For machines with pre-strech system - ENOtough with thickness 12/14/16 μ and elongation 210/230/250%

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