ABB Bulgaria

Business activity: ABB Bulgaria is part of the Swedish-Swiss ABB Group, which works in the fields of products for power supply and electrical equipment, robotics and actuators, industrial automation and energy networks. The group is active in over 100 countries. In Bulgaria the group has four plants - low voltage products in Petrich, high voltage products in Sevlievo and two plants for low and medium voltage electrical components in the town of Rakovski near Plovdiv. The company also has a turbocharger service center in Varna, with headquarters in Sofia. There are a total of over 2500 employees in the country;

IndustryIndustrial Automation;

SolutionABB Bulgaria and STAMH LTD are cooperating in different racking systems projects. STAMH ltd. engineered and installed Automated Vertical Storage and Retrieval Machines and a Mobile Racking System for ABB Bulgaria.