STAMH installed an industrial robotic cell for simultaneous palletizing of multiple types of batches and boxes


  • Client: Pettas Bulgaria AD is a very successful company, established in 2001. It’s a leading producer of quality vegetable oils and margarine under the international FAMA brand.


  • Industry and specifics: The margarine that Pettas Bulgaria AD produces is based on vegetable and animal fats. The product is available in natural or hydrogenated form with added milk butter. It’s suitable for immediate consumption, and for different culinary and bakery products.


  • Project location and specifics: The logistics center, positioned near the production plant, processes different industrial margarine cuts, under the FAMA brand. It’s located in the city of Yambol.


  • Project implementation period and challenges: STAMH’s client needed to implement a fully automatic robotic cell, for margarine batches and boxes palletizing – SKU-s with completely different sizes, weights, and characteristics. The storage units /packages/ come out simultaneously from two different conveyor lines, with 4 different products from the second one.

STAMH had to design a robotic cell, functioning with a single industrial robot. Products had to be palletized on 2 different pallets, with minimum productivity of 11 storage units per minute.

In addition, the robot had to position each new empty industrial pallet and two types of cardboard pads. The arrangement of the product had to be different for each pallet and for each row, to optimize the space and tightly fill each pallet before the expedition.


  • Implemented solution: STAMH Group's software and engineering teams have implemented a complex palletizing system. In the center of the brand-new robotic cell is an industrial 5-axis palletizer - KR180 R3200 PA, with a total capacity of 180 kg. per cycle and a linear speed of 2m./s., equipped with a gripper, able to handle 2 types of pallets, 2 types of cardboard pads/dividers and 5 types of different sized products.

Other elements of the new palletizing system are the safety fences, different control panels, HMI touchscreens, light barriers for additional security, industrial pallets and pads dispensers, and conveyor modules for heavy pallets, boxes, equipped and guided by complex PLCs.


  • Achievement: Despite the difficult international logistics situation, STAMH Group teams had successfully implemented a sophisticated industrial palletizer. The robotic cell is already preparing heavy pallets for shipping, in the city of Yambol, Bulgaria. The KR180 R3200 PA takes 4 x /20 kg /, 6 x /30 kg / and 2 x / 50 kg / of each product, achieving a working capacity of 1,800 kg / per hour. For certain products, the speed of the new palletizer of Pettas Bulgaria AD can reach up to 2400 and 3000 kg/h.

It's important to mention that the system is agile. The industrial robot can palletize even heavier products, processing up to 5000 kg per hour, according to the specific needs of the company and the market needs at this very moment. The reprogramming for new products takes a minimum amount of time.

The team of the margarine production company was trained to work with its new acquisition by STAMH. Learn more about the industrial robots and the robotic palletizing cells from STAMH Group, here.