Industrial robots for the food and pharmaceutical industry

What are the specific requirements and how do we manage to meet them, in the context of industry development 4.0


Automation and industrial solutions for consumer goods

STAMH integrates customized solutions for the manufacturing industry, as one of our main goals is the optimization of logistics processes in the field of consumer goods.

Whether, you produce and store beverages, food, clothing or you are focused on the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products or food supplements, our automation solutions allow you to meet the specific requirements of your customers, as they will speed up the delivery of your products!


Flexible solutions for efficiency and productivity

Industry 4.0 is changing the way we work. The connection of information and software components to mechanical and electronic parts in your warehouse, IoT and cloud services are part of our daily lives.

At STAMH, we are proud of our experience, integrating robotic solutions, automation, and intelligent intralogistics solutions.

Our advice is to connect the whole chain - from the production process - to the process of distribution of finished products, whether it is for the final customer or for a one of your distributors. We will develop a personalized plan and a complete system, suitable for your needs.

Industrial robots are now meeting all the requirements of modern industry and in particular - the consumer goods sector. These solutions pave the way for the safe human-robot collaboration, improving the efficiency of your production and palletizing, packaging and sorting processes.


Efficiency means intelligent management of your warehouse processes and stored items

Combining intelligent and transparent goods flow with proven automated solutions, you significantly simplify and speed up the processes in the warehouse.

Automation software can be synchronized with your requirements and the warehouse equipment in your industrial plant, speeding up the delivery to the end customer or your retailer.

Industrial robots and networks systems, connected with cables or wireless networks are paving the way to the intelligent logistics processes.


Versatility as a success factor: robots serving the entire production chain

Modern and proven solutions, such as KR AGILUS, are perfect and compact sorting robots. The hygienic version of the machine meets IP 67 and IP 69 standards.

It’s specially designed surface is easy to clean. As a result, this type of industrial robots can have direct contact with food or pharmaceutical products.

The use of stainless steel components and special sensor systems, ensure high hygiene levels.


Packing robots

For packing, unpacking and stretching, it's a good idea to rely on robots that can easily lift a wide range of payloads, maintaining constant velocity. Some QUANTEC robots are able to place and remove crates on a conveyor systems, achieving up to 4,500 bottles per hour.


Palletizing and depalletizing robots are able to work with smaller or larger products

It’s time to relieve your staff from lifting heavy products or packages. The robots load and unload pallets in a very short periods of time, regardless the weight and size of the goods, maintaining constant speed, thus effectively connecting all production and logistics processes.

Based on STAMH's experience in automation, productivity increase can exceed 20% as soon as an industrial robot is installed.


Industrial robotic solutions for the food industry and the production of consumer goods

Sorting, packaging, palletizing and distribution - STAMH can provide all these solutions. We accept the challenge to improve modern production and distribution methods. Keeping this challenge in mind, we are constantly developing custom concepts for our clients.

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