5 tips to increase the efficiency in your warehouse or distribution center

Faster and more cost-effective processing of items and SKUs in the warehouse leads to operational costs optimization, logistics chain optimization, and last, but not least - satisfied end customers.

The main processes that usually need optimization are storage and retrieval times, picking processes, distances covered by the operators searching SKUs, and errors when assembling new orders.

In this article, we will focus on 5 main indicators, you can improve when thinking about your new storage equipment:



Warehouse space optimization

This process can be separated into 4 consecutive steps

  • Identify the space you are not fully using. Think vertical!
  • Not every single storage zone needs to be the same. Organize items according to their size, volume, and weight;
  • Reduce or eliminate corridors. Different shuttle systems can store or retrieve goods in an automatic way. With Mobile Racking Systems, racks move smoothly on rails, opening a corridor only where necessary. Vertical Storage Machines raise, lower, and extract trays with the desired item with just a few buttons;
  • You can completely forget about obsolete inventory or goods with lower rotation in the warehouse, so they stop interfering with the processes, that need to be done quickly.


Warehouse operations accuracy improvement

Mistakes when assembling orders, containing many different items in size, weight, packaging, or barcodes can lead to wrong items deliveries and valuable customers loss. On the other hand, high-speed orders processing is essential to ensure efficient operation in any distribution center.

Vertical warehouses and machines have many additional options increasing both precision and picking speed.


Increased staff productivity

Improving the working environment, reducing the distances that staff travel in search of a particular item

  • Investments in Vertical Warehouses and VLM machines eliminate the need for long corridors, which reduces the time required for each individual picking operation;
  • Financial compensations and bonuses for the best performing staff - warehousing software can inform you about it;
  • Provide the machines, tools, and automated equipment to eliminate repetitively, and time-wasting operations;
  • Provide constant, automated feedback. Through it, you can further optimize all processes. Always.

When you store many different items, the software, and additional options for increased productivity of VLM - Vertical Warehousing Machines provide vertical space optimization combined with fast and errorless picking operations.

When You opt for warehouse automation and the "goods to person" method application, Vertical Automatic Storage Machines deliver the selected items directly to the warehouse operator, to a precisely fixed place where all picking operations are performed.

Thanks to the visual picking aids, the warehouse operator understand quickly which exactly and how many items to take. This eliminates human errors, improving accuracy by up to 99% and leading to accurate and precise orders execution.


Staff satisfaction and safety

Safety measures play an essential role in effective warehouse management. Vertical Storage Machines and systems can be a great addition to the measures you take, such as performing periodic maintenance of the machines, providing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and organizing periodic training and courses.

The implementation of new Vertical Storage Machines is accompanied by training and instructions from STAMH Group international teams, so warehouse operators can handle them, operating with a huge number of different items.

Vertical Lift Machines reduce the need to walk and search items and practically eliminate the need for bending when processing each individual order.

By integrating Vertical Lift Machines, you reduce job dissatisfaction. This shouldn´t be underestimated, as it causes demotivation, lack of interest, frustration, low productivity, and absences.


Inventory costs reduction

Warehouse costs optimization means maximum levels of warehouse automation >>

  • Make sure that all available space is optimized by a reorganization;
  • Invest in modern and reliable automated systems and machines;
  • Give the highest possible priority to the planned inspections and maintenance services;
  • Use energy-saving lighting, sensors, and modular conveyor systems with a start-stop system;
  • Encourage the loyalty of warehouse employees instead of hiring new ones who need additional training and may underperform;
  • Use automation. Although it may seem like an additional cost, in the beginning, it allows you to optimize costs in the long run. There are different warehouse automation solutions - vertical automatic storage systems - have a relatively low ROI period, ranging from 6 to 18 months and depending on the intensity with which you use them;
  • Use robust and reliable automation solutions and proven professionals in the implementation of systems, with many years of experience, expertise, and know-how.

If you need further advice, regarding warehouse automation, processes optimization, and space organization in the distribution center, don’t hesitate to contact us at office@stamh.com