Self-supporting and Automated Storage System for E.Miroglio EAD

  • Client: E. Miroglio EAD
  • Industry: production of fabrics, yarns, knits and clothing.
  • Location: Sliven (Bulgaria)
  • Complete project implementation period:
  • Challenges and STAM LTD solution:

STAMH Group provides skilled service for assembly, dismantling, inspection and re-assembly of any kind of warehouses and storage facilities. We have been asked by E.MIROGLIO EAD, one of international leading group for high quality textiles and yarn, to provide relocation of an Automated Warehouse from their property in Alba (Piedmont, Italy) to their headquarter premises in Sliven (Bulgaria).
That was a self-supported building with dimensions of 110x55 m., 26 m. high, equipped with 2 stacker cranes with automated trasfer from one aisle to the other. Racking was made for the storage of pallets and textile rolls, a total of more than 39,000 positions.

STAMH LTD has realized the complete disassembly in Italy, control of elements and preparation for loading and transport to new destination. After inspection and revamping of the structures a re-assembly of the new warehouse has been realized in Sliven, as well as the commissioning of all automation and electronic systems. After few months the storage plant is now working with full satisfaction of the customer.
Finally the work involved goods transported on 127 trucks and different teams for a total of almost 50 people, including engineers, lifting operators, skilled technicians.