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Engineering of high-rack warehouse for standard pallets for Kalinel EOOD

  • Customer: Kalinel EOOD

  • Industry: Manufacturing, Sewing industry.

  • Location: Troyan, Bulgaria

  • Period of implementation of the project: 13 months, 7 of which is assembly work 

  • Challenge: Engineering a high-rack warehouse for the transportation and storage of standard pallets that are of greater height and instability.

  • Solution of STAM LTD: The technical solution proposed by STAM LTD consists in the construction of a high-rack warehouse with 3 Automated Racking Pallet Handlers (ARPHs) equipped with fork platforms serving 10′120 double pallet positions for Euro pallets (800 x 1′200mm). The transport of the transport units (TUs) to the ARPHs is realized by automated, motor-driven roller and chain conveyors (including rotary tables) with the use of a control station at the entrance and a buffer zone for the distribution of the TUs. The output of the TUs from the ARPHs is also realized with automated, motor-driven roller and chain conveyors with rotary tables. Gravity roller conveyors powered by a shuttle system are used to distribute the logistic batches. 

The construction of the site and the proving of the technical specifications were completed on the 12th month from the beginning of the project implementation. 

The system was commissioned and put into operation at the end of the 13th month.

  • Achievement: The use of gravity conveyors in combination with a shuttle, which automatically loads each aisle according to the logistic order, eliminates any possibility of error, reduces the staff needed to handle the loading, creating a convenient buffer zone for the preparation of the TUs for shipping. The buffer circuit of roller conveyors, in combination with chain conveyors, at the inlet/outlet to each ARPH, allows to eliminate or minimize downtime in the event of problems with any of the three ARPHs. In this case, the transport unit is automatically redirected to another ARPH.