Brand new fulfillment racking system for Metrica

  • Client: Metrika Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the field of 3PL and fulfillment services. The company provides storage, distribution, and delivery for many online and offline businesses. The services go through secure storage of a wide range of well-organized goods, receiving, software and administrative processing, picking, packing, and shipping, with the only aim to achieve fast and accurate delivery.


  • Industries and specifics: 3PL and fulfillment services are becoming a crucial factor for any business, especially for eCommerce companies, looking for fast and accurate execution of each order. Accurate shipping and delivery are essential to achieve satisfied and returning customers. Quality end-customer service undoubtedly starts with the selection of the right warehouse equipment.


  • Project location: The Sofia-Bozhurishte Industrial Park is strategically positioned to allow Metrica Ltd. to satisfy the logistics needs of its customers in Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania, quickly and flawlessly. It’s only 5 km away from the highway to Greece and next to the highway to Serbia. It’s also positioned near Sofia Airport. The logistics hub has a direct connection to the railway network.


The logistics base of the company is located on an area of ​​2000 square meters. It’s an extremely secure facility, with 5 levels of protection, 24-hour security, and a wide parking zone. The company's infrastructure and specialized staff turn Metrica Ltd. into a leading fulfillment company.


  • Project implementation period: The new Storage System for non-palletized goods was completed in September. The design, delivery, and implementation of the entire system took about 4 months, despite the difficult international logistics situation, worldwide.


  • Challenge: The specific needs for quality and fast 3PL services, require a new type of warehouses and distribution centers, closer to the big cities, quipped with racking systems for heavy palletized loads and systems, for racking systems for boxes and non-palletized goods, enabling faster orders preparation, picking and space optimization. In the new Metrica warehouse, where STAMH had already implemented and put into operations a new high-racking Conventional Racking System, we had to design, engineer, and define a new picking zone with a completely different racking system.


  • Implemented solution: The construction of a Multilevel Gangway Racking System is the right move when you are looking for space optimization, 100% non-automatic access to each stored unit, good organization, and fast processing of each order to the warehouse.

STAMH designed a cost-effective and perfectly functional solution for the new Metrica fulfillment center.

The new Gangway Racking System in the Metrica distribution center has 3 levels, accessible by stairs, engineered at the front part of the system. The first two levels of the Racking System are 2450 mm high and the third level is 2100 mm high. The total height of the Gangway Racking System for Boxes and single items is a little over 7 meters.

To facilitate the storage system loading, special pallets doors and platforms are installed on levels 2 and 3. This way, operators can load the Gangway Racking System, directly from an industrial pallet transported from the Conventional Racking System, located in the same area.

The New Racking System is equipped with special lighting photocells and motion sensors, saving electricity and energy. The system illuminates only corridors, where picking is taking place at this very moment.

The new Gangway construction is installed on a total area of ​​1,197.5 square meters and has an impressive loading capacity of over 479 000 kg. It makes Metrica operations quick and efficient.


  • Achievement: The new storage equipment from STAMH will enable even better 3PL and fulfillment services.