The new 3PL Metrica logistics base will be using STAMH warehouse equipment

The leader in warehousing systems and technologies will continue to develop the new logistics base to achieve high speed eCommerce orders fulfillment

Metrica Ltd. is an international company, part of the group of the French postal operator Le Poste, specialized in outsourced services in the field of customer service and logistics. With the support of the leader in storage technologies and material handling - STAMH, the company will further strengthen its positioning in the field of 3PL services and fulfillment technologies. From its new, strategically positioned base in the Bozhurishte-Sofia Economic Zone, Metrica will support different businesses, focusing on eCommerce, storing, labeling, packing and shipping.

"With the new warehouse we are taking a step forward, significantly increasing our capacity from 1,000 to over 2,500 orders per day," -  shares Milena Ramcheva, Executive Director of the company.


The new location of the 3PL logistics base

The recently built economic hub Sofia - Bozhurishte, where the new logistics base is located, is very well positioned, close to the capital, the airport and only 5 km. away from the highway to Greece and 2 km. away form the highway to Serbia. Near the new 3PL warehouse passes the international road connecting Europe and Turkey. There is a also a project for a subway station, as well as a direct connection to the international railway.

The chosen location will further accelerate the delivery and thus, satisfied METRICA Ltd. clients. The area of ​​the new Metrica Ltd. logistics hub is 1740 sq. m. It has well defined and perfectly organized areas for storage and retrieval of pallets with 6 and 7 stacking levels, an area with racking systems for boxes and cartons, as well as an area for order processing and working stations.


A brand new racking system for pallets, with easy and fast access to each stored unit

The project for the new racking system for pallets, was completed in an extremely short period of time. Only 40 days after the start of the project, the protocol for the successful implementation was signed by STAMH Ltd and METRICA Ltd.

The storage system, engineered, built and delivered by STAMH Group is a conventional system of racks for up to 2,000 pallets. In this particular case, Metrica Ltd. was looking for the possibility to store palletized goods of different height and weight. To achieve it, STAMH’s engineering team recommended to use different types of beams, grouping the same pallets into separated blocks.


Plans for the future

The intention of METRICA Ltd. is to further accelerate the processing of orders fulfillment, integrating innovative and automated vertical lift machines from STAMH Group.