New micro and nano fulfillment trends and automation at the beginning of the distribution chain

When it comes to the actual eCommerce environment, Automated Storage and Commissioning Solutions are helping retailers become competitive. Terms like "home-delivery" and "online-shopping" are part of our daily lives. The way we consume goods has changed, COVID-19 changed it even more and companies are responding. Each day, more and more consumers shop online or make mixed purchases - they evaluate and choose the product, but buy it in a store - or vice versa. Purchases are picked up from the nearest possible location. The need for multi-channel sales and deliveries is also growing.

The supply chain is also changing - almost completely. The number of single orders is growing and quality service means 0 delays and 0 errors, to ensure we will keep our hard-earned client.

The new way of storage and distribution

In the past, distribution centers were mostly large and regional warehouses, with a huge number of SKU. Gradually, this concept is becoming obsolete in favor of smaller fulfillment centers. Terms, such as micro-fulfillment and nano-fulfillment are relevant today - these are logistics hubs located in the city or near large urban areas. In may cases they are fully automated. These small centers manage small and medium-sized non-palletized products. They use to process orders much faster than their traditional equivalent, leading to more satisfied customers because of the faster delivery.


The closer, the faster

The whole process of storing products regionally is called bringing the product closer to the customer, and thus, delivery is extremely fast, with less logistics costs. On the other hand, due to the higher level of Automation, labor and space costs are significantly reduced.


In this article, we share with you the main benefits of micro and nano-logistics centers, solving the last-mile logistics problems:

1) Faster engineering, construction and installation;

2) Greater flexibility in terms of supply;

3) Ability to manage different types of purchases for home-delivery, purchase in an online store or an order from a retailer;

4) Direct connection between trader and customer;


Why automated storage and retrieving systems are best suited for this type of warehouses?

  1. Less storage space requiredlift machines use vertical space and horizontal carousels are used for logistics centers with lower ceilings;
  2. Picking optimization and acceleration – regardless the type of stored items, orders are prepared much faster;
  3. Put to light systems, pick-up carts and laser pointer technologies further accelerate the productivity and accuracy of order preparation;
  4. Reduces the number of warehouse operators involved in each specific order and operational costs. Efficiency is higher, and the risk of human errors is almost 0;
  5. Fast engineering and installation of the systems, with full assistance from the specialists and technicians from STAMH Group;
  6. Flexibility and mobility of the system - these machines can be easily moved form one place to another, due to their modular design, as well as be combined with other storage systems;