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New Mobile Racking System installed near Plovdiv


KT International, more known as Kings Tabacco, is a leading tobacco product manufacturer and distributor of international brands like "The King" and "Corset". Regionally, the company is known for the "Merilyn", "Corsair" and "BestMan" brands.

KT International has several strategically positioned distribution centers. One of them is located next to the production plant, near the city of Plovdiv. The market dynamics imply constant processing of 6 different types of pallets, with different weights and sizes – from 500 to 750 kg. and a height between 1 150 and 1 800 mm.

These requirements were combined with the need to take maximum advantage of the existing floor space and the volume of the distribution center. This was one of the initial challenges for the engineering, software, and installation teams of STAMH Group.

The warehouse has two loading ramps for truck loading. The loading and expedition area is positioned in front of the ramps. Although according to the initial task, the client was looking to achieve 2 062 pallet places, the racking system designed and built by STAMH Group teams exceeds the initial plans and today, already provides organized buffering of more than 4 300 pallets, since the chosen solution is the Mobile Racking System.

This type of high-bay warehouse equipment is characterized by exceptional storage density. The warehouse was divided into 4 different zones. The system opens only one working corridor per block, with a width of just over 3.45 m, ensuring maximum utilization of the warehouse volume, due to the missing aisles between the racks. Thus, zones 1 and 2 have now a total capacity of 3 114 pallets, weighing up to 500 kg. and zones 2 and 4 have a total storage capacity of 1 236 pallet spaces weighing up to 750 kg.

KT International's new Mobile Racking System has 20 mobile bases, sliding smoothly on rails. The system is controlled from the central control panel and also - individual controlling panels, on every single mobile base of the racking system. The new warehousing equipment is upgraded with remote controls. They are very useful for the operators, as they can control the mobile bases, without having to get off the lifting machines, saving time and effort for each individual warehouse operation.

Last, but not least, there are different security systems. The new racking equipment from STAMH is upgraded with front and rear laser barriers to prevent movements of the mobile bases when there is an operator in the working corridor. An additional laser barrier along the length of each mobile base can prevent its movement in case of even minor, light obstacles such as empty cartons, for example.

Of course, STAMH's engineers and installation teams are ensuring the longest possible exploitation period of the racking structures and systems in the warehouse, by installing additional protectors in front of each racking unit, preventing material handling machines collisions, and compromising the racking structure.

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