New, refrigerated warehouse equipment for IZIDA


Client: Izida is one of the favorite ice cream brands in Bulgaria. The company has good national coverage. Izida products are well positioned in the freezers of various grocery chains and retailers in the country.

Industry and specifics: The company's products must maintain low temperatures, along the entire logistics chain - from the production plant to the point of consumption. Refrigerated warehouses spread around the country are no exception to the cold chain of the company. The new distribution center in Lovech must maintain temperatures of -25°C. At the same time, it must be able to store and process heavy pallets, buffering even more products in summer. Warehouse space optimization is very important when the storage center needs to maintain expensive storage conditions.

Project Location: The company has several logistics hubs in Sofia, Plovdiv, Dobrich, and Burgas. The company's brand new logistics center in Lovech is also equipped by STAMH Group.

Project implementation period: STAMH's engineering projects were finally agreed with the client in November 2021, and all the materials were delivered before the end of the year. In the first half of 2022, the new mobile bases were manufactured and installed, as well as the entire supporting structure of the racks for heavy palletized loads.

Challenges: The limited storage space in the cold warehouse for pallets, was the main challenge for STAMH Group and the client. The preparation of the foundations of the warehouse, the coordination between different teams, the special rails on which the mobile bases slide, and the completion of the project within the deadlines, were among the other challenges faced by STAMH engineering and warehouse installation teams.

Implemented solution: For this project, STAMH Group implemented a new Mobile Racking System. Thanks to it, the new racking system for pallets, with a total width of just over 13 meters, opens a single stacking corridor of just 2.7 m. That way, the warehouse volume is used to the maximum, and pallets can be stored and retrieved easily.

Achievement: Although the space in the cold chamber of IZIDA in Lovech is very limited, STAMH was able to provide over 300 new pallet places, combining the Mobile Racking System with Conventional Racking Systems on the perimeter of the warehouse.

The new Racking System for heavy pallets has a special ventilation mode that divides the working aisle into several smaller corridors at night. This leads to better, uniform, and constant product cooling and ventilation. Of course, the new Mobile Racking System is equipped with special barriers for additional security and panels for easy system management.

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