STAMH doo, Serbia, engineered 2 brand new Conventional Racking System for heavy palletized loads

STAMH doo, Serbia, engineered 2 brand new Conventional Racking Systems for heavy palletized loads

Perutnina Ptuj is part of the Perutnina Ptuj Group. The company has deep roots in Southeastern and Central Europe and traditions, dating back to 1905, when, in the city of Ptuj, Valentin Reinhard opened a poultry shop in the city of Styria.

In 1960, Perutnina Ptuj started building its own poultry farm. Today, the company already has many favorite and well-known brands, like Poli, Jata, Topico, and Agronatur.

Perutnina Ptuj operates two strategically located pallets distribution centers near the town of Bačka Topola in north Serbia, receiving, storing, and preparing for shipment of heavy palletized products. The logistics hub is close to the Hungarian, Croatian, and Bosnian borders.

STAMH doo received the task to engineer, deliver and build new storage equipment at the end of 2021. In March 2022, Perutnina Ptuj already enjoys its new system of conventional racks installed in two separate warehouse spaces, close one to another.


Technical characteristics and specifics of the new storage equipment installed by STAMH doo

To ensure durability and the longest possible service life of the systems, installed in the refrigeration chamber of Perutnina Ptuj, STAMH doo supplied special galvanized equipment designed for operations at -20 °C.

The company's new cold storage room has a total capacity of 1 024 pallets. The conventional racking system provides quick access to each position in the warehouse. The system has a total of 4 stacking levels.

In a neighboring warehouse, where no special storage conditions are needed, STAMH doo installed another conventional racking system, designed for a total of 954 pallets weighing up to 1,000 kg. each and a total of 3 stacking levels.

Thus, the total capacity of the two racking systems for pallets installed by STAMH doo in Bačka Topola is 1978 pallets. From the recently equipped logistics hub, Perutnina Ptuj can provide fast deliveries in the region.

To further protect the new storage equipment, STAMH doo provided special protectors in front of each column, as well as front barriers.

In a very short period of time, the international logistics unit of STAMH delivered 25 tons of quality structural elements and a specialized assembly group erected the new racking system within just a few days.

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