Conventional Storage System for TECH-CO

  • Client: TECH-CO LTD
  • Industry: Auto Parts
  • Location: Bulgaria
  • Complete project implementation period:
  • Challenge and STAM LTD solution: TECH-CO with the Conventional Three Storey Racking System, delivered and installed by STAMH

Following the expansion and modernization of its distributor network throughout the country, the firm TECH-CO, leader in distribution of spare parts and oils, began meetings with STAMH to specify the company's needs for storage equipment of its newly constructed storage area.

After discussion of how TECH-CO imagines the racking system, and after consultation by specialists of STAMH is offered the most appropriate solution to the customer - Conventional Three Storey Racking System.

The racking system is designed to meet customer requirements for storage of both heavy and bulky boxes and small cargoes, following the main requirement of the customer - the maximum stuffing the storage volume.


  • Conventional Racking System
  • Dimensions: Length: 20,250 mm. / Width: 15,700 mm. / Height: 8500 mm.
  • Number of levels and distribution level: 10 in height / 5 passes
  • Total area of ​​stacking: 1,274.00 m2
  • Total capacity: 172,555 kg.