STAMH, building a huge pallets racking system for a leading logistics company

Client: Orbico Bulgaria

Industry: Orbico Bulgaria is one of the largest distributors and providers of logistics services, not only in Bulgaria. The company is part of Orbico Group - a company, managing the entire supply process in more than 20 countries in Europe. The new logistics hub was built by the Belgian construction company - Cordeel.

Location: The warehouse is located in Sofia, near Botevgradsko Shosse Blvd., and will provide new jobs and professional opportunities for more than 500 people. It is strategically located near the newly built Northern speed tangent (Bypass Highway) and will serve important customers for the logistics company such as Philip Morris Bulgaria, Procter & Gamble, Shell Bulgaria and Mars.

Project implementation: The first quarter of 2021

Challenge: The challenge in this project was the extremely short deadlines, given the volume of the racking system. Tight and precise organization of all processes - from the initial design, through the logistics and delivery of all components of the pallets racking system, led to the successful final implementation, on time.


Solution, provided by STAMH Group: The system is a conventional pallet racking system, with a total capacity of 37,000 pallet places, 11.5 meters in height, and 5/6 stacking levels. The volume of transported and installed materials was over 30 trucks or 600 tons.

The layout of the racking systems allows quick access to each pallet and a fast connection to the loading and unloading truck gates of the logistics center. Of course, the system in the warehouse is equipped with last-generation fire safety systems and safety protectors and barriers. Special corridors in the system of racks allow the movement of the lifting equipment, material handling machines, and warehouse operators.

Achievement:  STAMH led the entire project with a team of racking systems project managers, logistics managers, experienced engineers, and an assembly group of 9 to 14 people in different stages.

Thanks to the logistics organization, the engineering, and the installation processes, we managed to meet all deadlines set by the client and complete the brand new racking system earlier than planned.