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New warehouse near Sofia equipped by STAMH GROUP

Client: Inter Cars is a leading international company that supplies and distributes an extremely wide range of spare parts and tuning accessories for cars, motorcycles, and trucks. The company is among the leaders in Europe. Inter Cars brand is famous in more than 20 countries in Europe;

Industry and specifics: The portfolio and, accordingly, the buffered products were very diverse in terms of size, weight, packaging, and shape. Inter Cars provides more than 2000 brands of oils, batteries, tires, and even tuning accessories, meaning more than 2 000 000 different SKUs. In this regard, the task of the engineering and project management teams of STAMH Group was to engineer and install a system that could meet high requirements for stability, strength, capacity, and orders processing velocity;

Project Location: The company's new logistics base is strategically located near the town of Elin Pelin, which allows flexible and fast deliveries to the city of Sofia, nearby areas, and one of the most populated regions in Bulgaria. Choosing the location and the right warehouse equipment was a strategic logistics choice for the company;

Period of implementation: Initial blueprints approval was completed in August 2022, and before the beginning of 2023, all the structural elements of the new racking system were delivered, installed, and put into operation;

Challenges: Faster order processing and achieving highly flexible processes in the warehouse were among the top priorities of the STAMH Groups’ engineering teams. The different types, weights, and shapes of products required a stable vertical solution that could organize both small boxes and bulky parts with unusual shapes;

Goods arrive at the warehouse on heavy pallets but Inter Cars’ clients, partners, and repair shops often place orders for a large number of smaller and medium-sized items. In this regard, today, the new warehousing system ensures multilevel manual picking and order assembling, fast access to each SKU, and agile processing of each individual order.

The distribution center is organized with a smart WMS software solution. The software works with special barcode readers - individual computers with special HMI-s for each warehouse operator;

Implemented solution: The new warehouse and logistics system is a combination of Mezzanine, Gangway, and Conventional Racking Systems. The total height of the warehouse structure is a bit more than 10 meters, with the first three levels being 2.7 meters high and the last - 1.6 meters high;

The new warehousing solution has specially designed corridors on each floor as well as picking corridors on the ground level for faster-rotating goods. They are designed to minimize the distances warehouse operators travel when picking each individual product in the warehouse;

Warehouse operators have easy and fast access to each floor and product position. This unconventional combination of Mezzanine, Conventional, and Gangway racks is fully secured with an automatic fire-fighting system, as well as special safety fences;

Achievement: The area of approximately 1094 sq.m. was maximally well utilized, both in width and height. Each individual order to the warehouse can be prepared within minutes. The products are perfectly organized using a barcode system and WMS logistics software solution;

Today, Inter Cars' distribution center ensures fast delivery to any of its customers, thanks to the tight organization and engineering of the racking equipment. The wide range of products offered, and the faster order processing, and delivery, lead to happy, long-lasting customers;