New Console Racking System for long loads

Client: Palfinger is a leading international company specializing in the production of hydraulic lifting equipment, loading systems, handling systems, and cranes. The company is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.

Industry and specifics: These types of products require special organization, storage, and buffering. Stored units are of different sizes, weights, and lengths.

Location of the project: Plafinger has several strategically positioned warehouses, based in Bulgaria. In this case, STAMH engineered and delivered a new, Special Racking System for long loads, near the production plant of the company, close to the city of Cherven Briag, in northwestern Bulgaria.

Project execution period: The coordination of all the details, the engineering of the new Cantilever Racking System, and the delivery and installation of the new structure were carried out at the beginning of 2022.

Challenges: Palfinger's requirements were very specific, due to a large amount of non-standard, non-palletized heavy metallic components. On one hand, the company needed reliable storage and organization of long materials with a length of 2 to 5 m. On the other hand, the new special racking system had to be able to store the company's specific metal pallets, weighing up to 1,300 kg., each, when loaded. PALFINGER uses these pallets for their own intralogistics proposes.

Implemented solution: The Special Cantilever Racks for long loads, that STAMH Group implements are made of durable and reliable structural elements –supporting central metal columns and supporting arms with a high loading capacity. In this case, and regarding the special needs of Palfinger, the system was equipped with special metal plates, between the supporting arms of the racking structure.

Each individual block, in the new Cantilever Racking System for long-loads, can be serviced from one side or from both sides. It´s easy to understand that double-sided blocks provide a double storage area and one-sided blocks are suitable for the periphery of the warehouse. STAMH engineering teams designed the new Racking System for Palfinger with 1, one-sided block, a little more than 21 meters long, and a total storage area of ​​102.53 m2 and 7 additional racking blocks, allowing double-sided stacking operations, with a total storage area of more than 1 674 sq. m.

Due to the specifics and the weight of the metal components in the warehouse, the new Console Racking System has a higher loading capacity. Each individual arm is able to carry up to 650 kg. and the total loading capacity of the 8 blocks is more than 195 tons.

The special metal pallet that Palfinger uses for internal logistics goals, can be placed between two separate supporting arms, with a maximum weight of up to 1,300 kg.


Corridors, when implementing a new Console Racking System are designed with sufficient width to allow the free and easy handling of long loads, but can´t provide high-density storage, as other Racking Systems from STAMH Group. To make the best use of the vertical space in the warehouse, STAMH engineering teams designed the system with 4 stacking levels and a total height of 5 m. The length of each block is practically unlimited.

Achievement: STAMH's highly specialized engineering teams were able to provide reliable and organized buffering of numerous long-dimensioned loads, with quick and convenient access to each stored unit. The new system for Palfinger can buffer many heavy metal elements with non-standard shapes and sizes. The structure is designed with special additional safety boards and is in accordance with the availability of all additional elements, machines, lifting equipment, and processes for receiving, storing, extracting, and shipping cargo.

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