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More business owners choose to combine pallet racking equipment with systems for non-palletized loads

STAMH GROUP, introducing a new Mezzanine storage system in combination with a Conventional Racking Systems for heavy palletized loads

The international Emsa Group Ltd. specializes in the furniture trade and supply. The company processes different flooring and construction materials. The way Emsa grows, the large number of different SKUs, and the new type of requirements, led Emsa Group to the decision to create a new logistics hub, to store both - heavy palletized goods and non-palletized loads like boxes, cartons, and even unpacked materials.

Before the construction of the new warehouse, the company had only small, scattered across the country locations, operating with small volumes. As Emsa Group develops, it starts to operate with an increased number of products and SKUs. The new warehouse facility in the city of Shumen aims to be companies’ bigger logistics hub, today.

The new storage equipment, designed, delivered, and installed by STAMH's engineering and construction teams, meets different needs. The new Racking Systems had to optimize and organize the space and significantly increase the useful volume of the warehouse. It should be suitable for pallets as well as for large quantities of various cartons and even unpackaged products.

"More and more clients are looking for maximum flexibility in terms of stored products, and our team has to engineer warehousing systems that meet very specific business needs" - shares eng. Nadezhda Blagoeva, Technical Director at STAMH Group.

Thanks to the new high bay racking equipment, the pallet storage area is now equipped with racks, over 10 m. high, buffering over 3,960 pallets, weighing up to 800 kg. each, meaning a total loading capacity of the racking system over 3 168 000 kg.

In another area of ​​the warehouse, STAMH Group engineering teams designed and implemented a brand-new Mezzanine Racking System, providing the client with two additional storage and operational levels above the ground, with a total area of ​​over 3,000 square meters. The system is designed and constructed to load up to 500 kg./м2

The specialized installation teams of STAMH Service have built the new Racking System in two different stages. The new equipment for Emsa Group includes also cantilever racks, suitable for long loads.

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