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STAMH advises to use all your available storage space. Speed up and automate all storage and retrieval processes in the warehouse.

Modern warehousing, production, and the market itself, require fast and accurate distribution. Innovative solutions are now possible to achieve fast storing, retrieving, and picking operations.

Warehouse Systems relying only on conventional constructions often turn out to be slow. They use to need improvements to speed up all intralogistics processes.

PARALLEL Ltd. is a leading company with over 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of mattresses, furniture, and materials for furniture production.

This year, with the help of the leading company in the field of storage systems in Eastern Europe - STAMH, the furniture producer engineered, installed, and putted in operation a brand-new production area in combination with a buffer warehouse.

The challenge for the engineering company was serious. The buffer warehouse had to be designed to serve as a large, efficient, and extremely fast buffer for the products. The main goal of STAMH engineering team, was to achieve fast and trouble-free storage and retrieving. Most of the intralogistics processes in the warehouse needed to be automated.

The project proposed by STAMH was carefully examined by the Bulgarian producer PARALLEL EAD and approved for full implementation. The engineering, development and installation of the solution took about a year.

As a result, PARALLEL EAD was equipped with a new, fully functional Radio Shuttle System in combination with a Racks System. STAMH achieved maximum capacity for the producer's buffer warehouse: 10 000 pallets in the assigned storage area. The Racking System is now operated by a latest generation, fully robotic Radio Shuttle platform. The whole process of storage and retrieving is now automated and there is no need for the forklift to enter the storage system. In the same time, available storage space is optimally used.

Radio Shuttle is a semi-automatic compact system that uses electric and automated shuttle platforms, moving independently on rails integrated in the racking system.