Space optimization and new storage technologies for pallets for Party Drinks


  • Industry and specifics: The brand specializes in the production and distribution of soft drinks, energy and fruit drinks, ice tea, and water.


  • Project Location: Both – the production plant and the warehouse are located near the city of Plovdiv, on the main road 375, between Joakim Gruevo and Kadievo;


  • Challenges: The storage and the logistics of drinks and fast-moving goods have their own specifics. The main units to store are stacks and heavy pallets. At the same time, Party Drinks are awarded about the importance of the perfect commercial look of the packaging and the bottles, so products can easily be sold. Choosing the right racking systems for pallets and an experienced provider was essential for the client.

The systems selected by the customer had to be designed to ensure maximum utilization of the storage space in winter and fast and robotic pallets storage and retrieval, taking into consideration soft drinks market dynamics, in the summertime.


  • Implementation period and additional specifics: The client needed a project for a storage system for heavy palletized loads. The design, delivery, and installation of all the warehouse equipment and racks were completed before mid-2021.


The height of both Storage Systems is a little over 11 meters, and both have a total of 6 stacking levels.

Both warehousing systems are installed in one warehouse and have different advantages:

  • The Live Storage Racking System is loaded with pallets from one side and the other is used for retrieving. It is engineered with roller tracks with 10% inclination, allowing the pallet to slide using gravity forces, thus making the system extremely energy efficient. The installation of this system allows the client to count on:
    • Perfectly functioning and cost-effective FIFO racking system;
    • Maximum utilization of the available storage space and maximum pallets density;
    • Perfect product control;
    • A large variety of stored units are in the front part of the system, ready for an expedition or the next step in the logistics chain.


  • The Radio Shuttle Storage System allows changes in storage and retrieval strategies and can be loaded and unloaded from both sides. This semi-automated solution for heavy palletized goods now allows Party Drinks to perform robotic pallet storage and retrieval, thanks to a special shuttle platform:
    • Reaches a speed of 0.8 m/s when loaded and 1 m/s when unloaded;
    • Able to transport and store pallets, weighing up to 1,500 kg;
    • It has long-lasting industrial batteries, capable of up to 16 hours of intensive work with a short charging period of just 3 hours.


  • Achievement: Thanks to the new storage equipment from STAMH, the customer's warehouse has been transformed into an extremely flexible distribution center, capable of buffering over 2,760 pallets, directly from the company's production plant.

Robotic Radio Shuttle platforms provide speed and automated storage and retrieval modes of working, and Live Storage technology minimizes the time required to store pallets.

Both systems optimize the space in the warehouse, reduce the time and the distances traveled by the material handling equipment and accordingly, its depreciation.

The customer can now use the vertical and horizontal space effectively, as well as use different and flexible strategies to receive, store, retrieve and prepare for expedition heavy palletized units.