А combination of different racking systems resulted to be the best solution for STAR NAILS warehouse

  • Client: Star Nails
  • Industry and specifics: Production and distribution of cosmetic products – nail polish, different cosmetic creams, as well as equipment for beauty stores and studios. The warehouse processes both palletized and non-palletized loads.
  • Project Location: The logistics base of the company is strategically positioned in Plovdiv.
  • Project implementation period and challenges: At the beginning of 2021, STAMH received the initial sketches of the warehouse building. After starting the construction of the logistics facility, the company's team made additional measurements in order to maximize the warehouse volume optimization, make better zonification and design the new racking systems. STAMH's warehouse specialists had to define corridors and areas to optimize the goods flow in the warehouse. The engineering of the racking system had to be made, taking into consideration the dimensions of the pallets, the boxes, and even the bulk products that STAR NAILS needs to organize and deliver.

STAMH's engineering teams created a conceptual warehouse design of a storage facility for optimized picking and order preparation, a solution for long-term storage of palletized goods, and warehouse equipment and racks for the packaging zone.

The new racking system had to be a combination of storage systems for pallets, storage systems for boxes and cartons, and a storage system for bulk products. That means a complex solution and a brand new, non-standard approach to the design and the construction, tailored to meet the requirements of the type of the stored goods and the complex warehouse processes of orders processing, product picking, packaging, and expedition.

  • Implemented solution: STAMH designed and delivered all the components and built a brand new storage system - a combination of Light Bi Block racks, Conventional Racks for heavy palletized loads, and a separate construction - a combination of Conventional and Carton Flow Racking Systems for high-speed orders processing, pallets buffering and loading the system with boxes.

The warehouse was cleverly zoned to facilitate the palletized to non-palletized products flow.

  • Zone 1: Warehouse for palletized goods, equipped with a Conventional Racking System for long-term storage of pallets, equipped with a special corridor for the passage of operators and lifting equipment.
  • Zone 2: Combination of a Conventional Racking System for buffering pallets with a Carton Flow Racking System for non-palletized loads under it. In this area, there are special corridors for high-speed picking and order processing and corridors to load the system with boxes.
  • Zone 3: Packaging zone, equipped with Light Bi Block racks for medium-sized loads and manual handling.

An interesting element of the project is an easy-to-handle, manual electric pallets stacker, with no exhaust emissions. The stacker is equipped with a cable and a 220V charger, so operators don’t need to remove and replace batteries to charge the material handling machine.

  • Achievement: The intelligent design and the cooperation between STAR NAILS and STAMH, led to an exceptional result for the client. STAMH’s engineering team achieved optimal zoning and volume distribution. The client can now take advantage of the vertical space, store and processes different types of SKUs and prepare orders much faster.

Thanks to the complex storage solution, the warehouse was converted into a functional distribution center with the ability to organize, store and distribute palletized and non-palletized goods. Intelligent zoning now allows faster goods reception, processing, storage, and expedition.

Further system improvements, such as a system of conveyors, advanced WMS solutions, or Automated Vertical Lift Machines can accelerate further all intralogistics processes in the warehouse.