Racks and new warehouse equipment for a leading manufacturer of workwear

Palltex is a renowned international manufacturer of work and medical clothing. The brand is well known and has stores and representative offices in Sofia, Pleven, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Ruse, Varna, and other larger cities in Bulgaria. It also has a very well-developed online shop, which leads to the need for a well-organized and optimized distribution center;

All Palltex products are distributed from the company's warehouse, strategically positioned near the production plant in Kazichane, near Sofia, where workwear is actually produced. The logistics hub has approximate dimensions of 43.2m x 57.9m. It’s fully equipped by STAMH GROUP;



Work and medical clothing products are relatively light goods. The new warehouse equipment designed and implemented by STAMH Group is a combination of Conventional racks for pallets weighing up to 600 kg, each with a height of up to 1.45 m. The new racking structure has 7 stacking levels and the storage system is 10.3 m. high. Of course, the total height of the new warehouse equipment is tailored to fit perfectly within the warehouse structure dimensions, taking maximum advantage of the storage volume;

Since the working corridors are nearly 35 m long, a special passage corridor has been designed near the center of the new warehousing system, which reduces the distances that warehouse operators and lifting equipment must travel in search of non-palletized loads or pallets locations. The reduced distance for each separate warehouse operation reduces significantly the total operational costs and the warehouse becomes a profitable asset of the company. In places where people must use the special corridors, the height is 1.9 m. On the other hand, the corridors for the lifting equipment is 5.7 m. height.

The exact position of the special passage corridors, the picking levels for non-palletized products in the warehouse, and the position of the new racking structures is optimal, thanks to the intelligent and intuitive zoning of the distribution center.



According to the customer's request, it is sometimes necessary to retrieve and store non-palletized products and goods. In this regard, on the ground level in the warehouse, 3 additional picking levels with a height of 0.6 m each were designed and built. This allows operators to also process smaller orders, containing boxes, cartons, and other non-palletized SKUs;

With the assistance of the experienced design team of STAMH Group and thanks to the fast and accurate delivery of all the necessary elements of the storage system, the new pallet racking solution for Palltex, now allows safe and reliable storage and buffering of more than 4 620 pallets. Special picking levels with additional nets and beams provide additional 466 storage locations for non-palletized loads;

The new total load capacity of this racking system installed by STAMH Group reaches over 2 700 000 kg for pallets and over 116 000 kg for non-palletized loads. Paltex can now respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently to any market need in Bulgaria or abroad.