STAMH Group at The Balkan Ecommerce Summit 2024


April 4th and 5th, 2024, are dates of paramount importance! During these days, more than 2,000 guests from 15 countries across the Balkans and Central Europe will gather at Arena Sofia for the leading e-commerce event of 2024 for the region;

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The Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 promises to bring together undisputed leaders in eCommerce, and STAMH Group will be there to showcase the latest trends in fulfillment technologies, warehouse automation systems, orders processing in the distribution center, and faster and more organized deliveries to the highly valued end customers. Different speakers from META, Microsoft, TikTok, Pazarujai!, and Kaufland Global Marketplace, among many others, will be part of the glamorous event;

According to the latest data from Eurostat, the share of consumers purchasing a product or service online continues to rise, with a specific jump, observed across all generational categories. In 2023, in the EU, 87% of people aged 25-34 had effectuated an online purchase, while among consumers aged 60-74, this percentage had already reached 60%;



Each day more, eCommerce sales in Europe are of the EDI type or Electronic Data Exchange sales. With EDI sales, orders are made automatically and processed through direct communication between computers and well-integrated software solutions, based on a standard data exchange format. Human intervention in this process is becoming increasingly rare;

Among all EU member states, the share of turnover from electronic sales varies from 6.3% in Bulgaria to 30.5% in the Czech Republic, followed by Denmark (28.6%) and Ireland (28.4%). The proportion of total turnover generated by EDI sales (considered as part of all electronic sales) varies from 2% in Greece and Bulgaria to 21.6% in Denmark and 21.3% in the Czech Republic;

Just as EDI sales occur thanks to electronic data exchange, increasingly, the processing, storage, picking, extraction, and order assembly in the fulfillment center of each e-commerce company are happening autonomously, without human intervention. A last-generation WMS (Warehouse Management System) receives orders directly from the online store and forwards them to MFS systems - software for managing the material flow in the fulfillment center. Various automated warehouse machines minimize the processing time;

There are modern ways to optimize space and processes in the warehouse. Orders can be assembled in seconds. Shipments to the end customers are prepared much faster – regardless of the number of items in each request. Vertical space is fully optimized. New micro fulfillment centers in the big cities – closer than ever to the end customer are becoming increasingly important to achieve the so desired – fast and cost-effective delivery!

As an example - automated sorting systems can distribute shipments autonomously among different couriers you work with. Multifunctional, dynamic conveyor solutions transport items between storage and packaging areas in the warehouse, so operators don't waste valuable time searching for items or transporting them;


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