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Storage systems for pallets

The storage systems for pallets are the best answer for warehouses in which you need to store palletised products.
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Storage systems for pallets are the best solution for storing of palletized products.

Storage systems for pallets (Pallet Racks) are made extraordinarly for the needs of palletized medium and heavy loads. Each shelving system has its own characteristics, features and advanteges, over specific needs.

  • The most common pallet racking system is the Conventional racking system. It is also considered the best for palletized loads.

  • The Drive-in system is suitable for a large number of identical loads. This saves the need for multiple corridors in the warehouse, thus increasing its capacity.

  • Mobile Racking System allows direct access to any paleo with maximum corridor elimination. Extremely mobile storage system - shelves in the mobile system are installed on movable bases, that are slide sideways. Suitable for refrigerators.

  • If you need to store high volume palletized loads and mass storage products, you can trust the Radio Shuttle Storage System.

  • The gravity Live Storage System is inclined, so that the shelving system allows the perfect turnover of stored products with the application of the FIFO system.

  • Self-supporting racking system is a solution for high arrangement of goods. The design ensures that the shelving structure bears the load not only of the stored goods, but also of the various structural elements.