STAMH Group celebrates the STAMH International Annual Conference | 2023

According to a study published by Statista, by 2026, the market for automated warehouse systems on a global scale is expected to exceed $30 billion;

International project management teams are gathering at STAMH Group headquarters to exchange professional knowledge and new important insight, related to the latest warehouse automation trends, and the most advanced storage technologies in the intralogistics field;

During the event this year, STOW Robotics presented its new intralogistics systems for warehouse automation.

The event is taking place on 20 and 21st of February 2023 and teams from STAMH Systems, STAMH S.A, STAMH Log, STAMH Tech, STAMH Solutions, and STAMH Service will share the latest market trends from Central and Southeastern Europe with their international colleagues;


Warehouse technologies and market trends

Following data, published in a study elaborated by Zebra, in 2025 average warehouse productivity around the globe will increase to 70% and the operational costs will decrease by 20% to 40%, thanks to the new automated technologies, the Goods to Person principle implementation, industrial robots, and other innovative intralogistics technologies;

Project Managers and specialists from Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, North Macedonia, Moldova, and Romania are together, to solidify STAMH Group's leading positions in terms of intralogistics, distribution, fulfillment, automation, and logistics software technologies.

During the meeting, leading international producers of robotic and automated warehouse technologies will be sharing impressive technical details about the new Atlas® 2D Shuttle System for heavy palletized loads and e.ecala - the new Automated 3D System for faster and efficient fulfillment processes.