We think and grow vertically!

Automated and vertical agricultural crops production

The successful global leader in vertical agriculture & EVER combines the idea of ​​growing crops with one of the world's leading manufacturers of Automated Vertical Storage and Warehousing Systems.

Based on many years of experience in vertical space optimization, the idea of ​​an automated vertical farming was designed, providing exceptional added value for the end customers.

The first, curently ongoing project is for a strawberry farm. It includes 4 SUPER TOWER Vertical Lift Machines and they will be installed in March, 2022 in Singapore.


What stands behind the idea of this spectacular endeavour?

  • Production efficiency - large production capacity of the agricultural crop on a much smaller area and the ability to harvest, just before the food is provided to the end custumer;
  • Exceptional picking efficiency and speed;
  • Satisfying the desire of the end consumer to consume fresh, high-quality crops with impressive taste;
  • Elimination of logistics obstacles or seasonal dependence;
  • Elimination of local meteorological conditions issues;
  • This new project is in line with the new trend to move logistics centers within city boundaries and position the products close to the end consumer, shortening the logistics chain and the delivery times. You can read more about this trend here;
  • Satisfying the need of the end customer, to be able to "pick up" fresh products wherever they shop or live.
  • Consumers will be able to consume products that are difficult to find otherwise;

The vertical concept of growing different crops is very effective, not only for leafy vegetables, but also for fruit crops, which are labor-intensive and require special attention and monitoring. The implementation of the whole farming process, from the stage of flowering to the maturity and the harvest is much easier and more efficient.

This strategic project for vertical farming also leads to innovative functions improvements of the Automated Vertical Lift Machines, like:

  • additional climat conditions controlling systems;
  • carbon dioxide levels control systems;
  • air flow control systems;

The implementation of this large-scale project will lead to a very significant change in the traditional ways of interaction between producers, traders and consumers and it may even change the consumption patterns in general!