STAMH is the winner in the “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” competition, in Bulgaria 2020

The prestigious award is for "Market Leadership"

STAMH have always been one of the few companies in Bulgaria and the undisputed leader in Eastern Europe, in the field of Automation of Warehouse Systems and Warehouse Management Software for Automation. Innovations and new technologies are embedded in the company's DNA, and today, more than ever, they are leading STAMH ahead.

During a special awarding ceremony on the Sixteenth National Innovation Forum, dedicated to the "Economic Resilience through Innovations", STAMH was honored with a prestigious award in the Market Leadership Category.

The competition, held on 18th of December 2020 was organized by ARC Consulting, part of The Enterprise Europe Network - the largest information and consulting network, dedicated to the development of innovations and the technological potential of international enterprises.

A key factor, leading to the prestigious award, was that the company has always relied on a combination of highly qualified engineers and experienced software specialists, implementing complex Automation Processes in Warehousing Systems, thus helping the development and competitiveness of a wide range of enterprises. Today, different Automated and Semi-Automated Warehouse Systems of the company, are used in over 21 countries, around the globe.

During the "National Innovation Forum", Mr. Hristo Urumov, owner and CEO of the company modestly shared that "I have always been striving for innovations. Without innovations, sooner or later every company dies. They are an essential part of everything we do, and this is the only way to achieve a leadership position”.

Thanks to the award, STAMH will be able to use the prestigious "Excellence in Innovation 2020" brand.

The competition is broadly recognized by the European Commission. It’s held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, and the Prime Minister of the country.

You can watch the entire ceremony >> here