STAMH S.A. was part of one of the most important logistics conferences in Northern Greece


The international market over the last few years is characterized by successive disruptions, that can be defined as "permacrisis". Part of the challenges of today are COVID-19, war, inflation, and political instability. We can also mention the economic-energy crises, the lack of human resources, and the global sustainability concerns;

On Wednesday, March 15th, 2023, The Supply Chain Institute, with the support of Planning, organized Logistics III - Northern Greece. Representatives from the logistics sector and STAMH S.A project management and technical teams and specialists, gathered at GRAND PALACE HOTEL in Thessaloniki, to share the latest warehouse automation insights that can solve a lot of intralogistics problems and challenges. Mr. Emmanouele Armenakas – managing director of STAMH S.A. was a panelist, with an intriguing topic - “Automation Solutions for Smart Logistics Warehouses”;

Particularly important business groups are based in the Northern part of Greece. It’s a strategic region for the production activity of the country. Northern Greece region is essential in terms of retail, production, food industry, and agriculture;

The Greek logistics market is characterized by a well-defined specific. Today, we share with you part of the facts, defining the changes during the last few years:


  • "90% of household income in Greece goes to cover monthly bills and expenses"

Source: Nielsen


  • "70% of the logistics executives in Greece face a significant lack of low-middle-level human resources. To compare the number - the percentage in 2020 was lower than 40%. Human resources are actually the big challenge of the next decade. This is very closely related to the urgent need for warehouse automation solutions"

Source: Planning Survey


  • "Greek companies that redesigned their distribution networks and their logistics hubs in Northern Greece saw a reduction in logistics costs from 15 to 30%"

Source: Planning Survey


  • "40% of executives declare a lack of competent (in size, number, infrastructure) providers of 3PL services and transportation in Northern Greece"

Source: Planning Survey


  • "The logistics flow originating in Northern Greece is significant. 80% of the logistics flow passes through the region of Attica"

Source: Planning Survey


Taking into consideration this complicated context, logistics companies must continue their work uninterruptedly. The managing director of STAMH S.A. – Mr. Emmanouele Armenakas presented different ways in which the Automated Storage Systems can speed up, agile, and organize the logistics hubs in a way, they can be better organized, efficient, and more competitive in the long term;