Mr. Hristo Urumov showed, for the first time, the beta version of the new Virtual STAMH Group 3D Showroom

The guests of the 9th Logistics Business Conference, organized by the Bulgarian Transport Press, are, for now, the only ones who have seen it

The glamorous event took place in the Sofia Event Center on October 12, 2021, and was entitled "Smart Logistics. Catch the Future". Everyone there had the pleasure of witnessing the first demonstration of the new and one-of-a-kind virtual showroom, which is not launched, yet.

"There is no other company on the market that has a digital product, allowing all visitors to literally walk between different storage technologies for distribution and sorting centers, without leaving their own chairs, no matter where they are, worldwide!" - said Mr. Urumov.

Innovation has always been the main mission of the company. At the beginning of 2021, STAMH has been awarded the "Excelence in innovations" 2020 award in the "Innovative Enterprise of the Year" competition.

Mr. Hristo Urumov revealed some of the features of the new 3D experience - a virtual map that will allow each visitor to navigate faster, a technical description of the systems and technologies, and most importantly, a fully realistic 3D simulation of different types of logistics and distribution centers equipment.

“The project for the new virtual showroom was developed by different software and engineering departments of the company, and its creation has started at the beginning of 2020”, revealed Mr. Urumov. STAMH team is confident that, the new digital experience will be available for everyone at the beginning of 2022.