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Industrial vacuum cleaner for oils RGS ONE72-73 SUBOIL

For collecting cooling liquids, oils and chips
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RGS ONE72-73 SUBOIL is a single-phase industrial vacuum machines for vacuuming of oil and cooling liquides. With 70 liter liquid container and 20 liter solid particles container, they are ideal for medium-sized workshops and factories that need to vacuum large quantity of cooling liquids and oils mixed with metal particles.

Main advantages:

  • Machine body Ø460mm
  • Container for metal chips
  • Centrifugal discharge pump with open rotor to empty the liquid
  • Filter for oil mists Ø460mm
  • Single phase brush motor double stage by-pass
  • Motor-head is sound-proof in metal
  • Independent switches for each motor
  • Vacuum-meter and red light to control the filter efficiency
  • 70 l container
  • We recommend using cleaning accessories Ø50 mm
Power supply 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
Vacuum motors 2 3
Power 2200 + 550 W 3300 + 550 W
Depression 210 mbar 210 mbar
Air flow 340 m3/h 510 m3/h
Container 70 + 20 l 70 + 20 l

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