Three phase industrial vacuum cleaners RGS 2,2 - 7,5 kW

Suitable for long operating shifts in heavy industrial conditions

Basic three-phase machines. Thanks to the side channel blower turbine engine and the lack of mechanical parts subject to wear, these models are suitable for long operating modes - even 24 hours. Perfect solution for mechanical engineering, construction, food, ceramic, polymer, textile and other industries, for general cleaning of liquid and solid substances and for additional equipment for packaging and processing machines.

Main advantages:

  • Machine body Ø460/560 mm
  • Side channel blower with three phase motor asynchronous placed in the back side into a protective housing
  • Manual filter shaker on top of the filter chamber
  • Vacuum-meter to control the filter efficiency
  • Waste bins of 39, 65, 100 and 175 liters
  • In the 39l and 65l versions, the waste bin has got the integrated handle and it is equipped with castors
  • In the 100/175 l models, the waste bin is on castors and equipped with two handles. As an option it can be fitted with a clamp to take it up with a fork lift
  • Accessories compartment and support for the flex. hose in the front side
  • Support cable reeler in the back side
  • Fixed wheels Ø150mm and revolving wheels with brake Ø125mm
  • Relief valve put in as standard
  • ATEX version available as option


Model A346ECO A546KECO  A756ECO  A756KECO A1056 A1056K
Power supply 400V 50Hz 400V 50Hz 400V 50Hz 400V 50Hz 400V 50Hz 400V 50Hz
Power 2,2 kW 4 kW 5,5 kW 5,5 kW 7,5 kW 7,5 kW
Depression 200 mbar 200 mbar 420 mbar 275 mbar 400 mbar 250 mbar
Air flow 310 m3/h 520 m3/h 320 m3/h 520 m3/h 540 m3/h 820 m3/h
Container 100 l 100 l 100 l 100 l 175 l 175 l

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