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There is a way to double or triple the unused space in the distribution center


Modern intralogistics facilities are much more than mere warehouses. They are providing 3PL, fulfillment, storage, expedition, packaging, orders assembling, and large etcetera of complex services. Each distribution center uses to manage dozens, hundreds, and even millions of different-sized SKUs, providing storage and product management to different clients with very particular requirements.

It's not wrong to say that these warehouses are a key element of the logistics chain.

Space organization and optimization are essential for smooth business functioning. Distribution centers need to be ready to meet picks in the demand. They can’t afford to loose valuable vertical space.

One of the latest STAMH Group projects in Serbia, for the leading 3PL company – LogiStar, proves that there are a lot of smart solutions, able to provide space optimization. The so-called Mezzanine Solutions are one of the Special Storage Systems STAMH Group provides, when companies need to double, or even triple the useful area.

The new Racking System in Serbia consists of the construction of a whole other level on an area of 1284 m2 of the distribution center, creating a new level and achieving a new, useful area of more than 2 500 m2. The new Mezzanine floor is elevated at 3.4 m. under the first level beam and has a loading capacity of 600 kg. per square meter. It counts on 2 stairs to access the upper level, although the new surface is also accessible with material handling equipment.

“The new equipment actually provides our client with the possibility to store, organize and process a larger number of products in terms of inventory and volume, within the same area” – share STAMH Groups´ engineering team.

The versatility of the new Mezzanine is essential. The newly created area may be used for many different sized SKUs, keeping fast access to the upper level.

You can learn more about the Mezzanine solutions from STAMH Group, here.