STAMH Group is an official partner in the international ROI - rolling on Interroll program

STAMH Group is an official partner in the international ROI - rolling on Interroll program

Since the beginning of 2023, STAMH Group is an official partner in the global network of highly specialized companies in the field of material handling and process automation. This became possible thanks to STAMH Groups´ key competencies, including the successful integration of complex automated conveyor systems and leading all the necessary training and educational sessions for its’ teams of highly skilled engineers.

Among the key capabilities that distinguish each certified ROI partner are the deep understanding and knowledge of Interroll DC and AC drive technologies, MCP technologies (Modular Conveyor Platforms), special pallet handling solutions, dynamic conveyor modules, and complex sorting systems for fulfillment and distribution centers.

"The ROI seal can be defined as a quality certification that brings trust and peace of mind to our customers and partners" – says Eng. Nadezhda Blagoeva – Technical Director of STAMH Group. ROI partners who hold this certification have gone through an extremely demanding selection process, including key competencies assessments, such as:

  • Deep knowledge of all technologies and products related to automated intralogistics transportation;
  • Proven successful integrations of complex automated conveyor systems in various warehouses, logistics hubs, and distribution centers;
  • Successfully completed training by the engineering and software teams of the integrator company;

The proof of value that STAMH Group's membership in the global ROI network brings is based on several facts, related to the impressive development of the ROI network:

  • More than 100 proven and specialized companies in the field of warehouse automation are ROI members, today;
  • These companies have proven their undeniable competence with the engineering and integration of numerous systems of multifunctional conveyors in more than 30 sectors;
  • 100% of the partners in the global network are fully trained in the latest automated conveyor and sorting technologies;
  • The members of the ROI network, including STAMH Group, have more than 10 000 satisfied customers worldwide;
  • The partnership in the ROI program is long-term, and the average duration of each partnership is more than 8 years;
  • ROI partners are successful companies, represented in more than 40 countries around the globe;

Flexibility, speed, and experience are sought-after qualities in the increasingly dynamic market of intralogistics solutions, where the needs and requirements of the end user, client or partner are more complex than ever. The ROI platform, provides peace of mind, knowing that you are being served by an approved ROI partner in the field of multifunctional conveyors, systems for flexible intralogistics transport, and warehouse automation.

"The advantages for all our clients are endless" - continues Mrs. Nadezhda Blagoeva - Technical Director of STAMH Group - "... from risk reduction, coming from the fact that You are working with a certified, proven, and trusted partner in the ROI program, to the secure, and reliable engineering and integration of multifunctional conveyors, at the end of the integration process."

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