Automated storage systems for electronic components

Inventory storage and management play a key role in the electronics industry. This is because the electronic components inventory management requires, fast and accurate management and also, compliance with certain controlled environment conditions (according to specific standards and protocols).

An unexpected competitive advantage in the electronics industry is the use of automatic control and storage systems. They allow increasing the efficiency of the logistics processes and much faster and better operations!

Here, we share some arising problems with warehouse operations and the work in the electronic components distribution centers, as well as the decisions, you can take to solve them:

Problems with the storage of electronic components

There are two main problems, associated with electronic components storage and logistics operations: their operational management and their specific requirements for safer storage.


  • Regarding operational management, the problems are caused by the extremely wide variety of components and the small size of each article. Managing many different items or SKUs leads to picking difficulties and delays, as operators search for each single SKU position in the warehouse. This problem requires new approaches for faster and easier commissioning, otherwise, the consequence would be an excessive delay in the whole operations chain and supplies.


  • Controlled storage conditions are very important when it comes to preventing the deterioration of electronic components. Three main aspects are considered in this article: humidity - especially for moisture-sensitive parts, temperature, and dust.

The aspects above affect the quality of each electronic material delivered. That is why strict standards such as IPC / JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 define demanding methods for packaging, storage, transportation, and use of moisture-sensitive elements, while the ISO 14644 standard refers to the required levels of air purity.

Exactly how Vertical Lift Machines, with their increasingly innovative solutions, are able to solve these electronic components storage problems

The vertical space solutions for storage and commissioning of electronic components: Thanks to its modular structure, Vertical Lift Machines adapt to every need, using the available vertical space – they are able to save up to 90% of the warehouse surface.

The storage of electronic components is safer and easier – Automatic Vertical Storage Systems with trays are perfectly suitable for warehouses, storing and distributing many items with different types, weights, and sizes. The latest innovations provide dynamic height control of each tray (meaning adaptability, depending on the size of the items on it) and automatic weight control.


The storage of electronic components in closed automated systems solves other problems related to the management of this type of materials

  • Dust: it can affect the integrity of electronic parts, but automatic storage or tray buffer systems are closed systems, thus preventing dust contamination of stored components.

  • Safety: the safety of the operator is guaranteed by the possibility to add an ESD (electrostatic discharge) control system, necessary when working with electronic components.

  • Environment: there are 3 main innovative technological solutions related to the control of the environment, which can be integrated into the Automatic Vertical Storage System, thus further expanding their areas of application.


Climate control:

The Vertical Lift System is designed to become the perfect solution for storing sensitive electronic components, requiring precise temperature and humidity control. Climate Control technology makes it possible to maintain a temperature range from + 2 ° C to + 25 ° C (± 1 ° C), with a maximum humidity of up to 50%.

Clean Room technology:

In the case of dust-sensitive electronic components, it is necessary to work in cleanrooms to prevent contamination from the outside environment. The cleanroom technologies meet the strict ISO 14644 standards, class 7 and 8.

Humidity control:

When working with moisture-sensitive materials, it is necessary to keep the humidity below a certain threshold to prevent damaging the stored electronic components. The special Dry systems, integrated into the Automatic Vertical Lift Machines are specially designed to guarantee relative humidity below 5%, thus ensuring the proper storage of expensive and sensitive electronic parts.