4 logistics hubs at key locations in Bulgaria, allow Phoenix Pharma effective national coverage


The need to avoid the spread of COVID-19 has converted online healthcare into something normal. Pharmacies can sell medicines and supplements online whenever they don’t need medical prescriptions in Bulgaria. The new Click and Collect model, although not introduced in Bulgaria, is already well-received by the majority of Bulgarian citizens. It means you can choose, and order pharmaceutical products online, and then receive and pick them at the nearest pharmacy. Phoenix Pharma takes care of the efficient fulfillment and delivery for over 3 500 pharmacies and hospitals around the country.

But even though eHealth is lagging behind in Bulgaria, it is a priority in the European Union. And the leading pharmaceutical companies are already preparing for it by modernizing their logistics hubs and the racking equipment.

The warehousing systems and the Automated Conveyor Systems for intralogistics transportation, implemented by STAMH Group, have led to structural changes in the way the Phoenix Pharma warehouse operates in the city of Varna. These new systems are a combination of several STAMH products, integrated into a flexible and high-speed order processing system.

The STAMH Group engineering teams defined several areas for picking and orders preparation. Each pharmaceutical product has a well-defined position, and operators do not waste valuable time searching for individual items or crossing long distances. "The new equipment practically turns the Phoenix Pharma distribution center into a better working place" - shares Nadezhda Blagoeva, Technical Director in STAMH Group.

The intralogistics transportation system is compounded of new, high-tech conveyors with Zero Pressure Accumulation technology. It saves energy by automatically activating sequentially installed conveyor modules only when it is necessary to transport picking cassettes. Of course, warehouse operators should not carry heavy boxes or trolleys anymore.

The racking systems in the newly equipped logistics center are a combination of galvanized boltless solutions for light loads - MITO, racks faster picking - Carton Flow and strong and reliable structure of racks, designed for buffering over 500 pallets, organized in 5 stacking levels, thus vertical space is effectively used.

The new distribution center has more than 10,000 single items positions, allowing efficient processing of more than 10,000 different pharmaceutical products, regardless of the content and the number of items in each order.

Warehouse operators will be working with 8-digit warehouse location codes, that indicate the zone, row, section, and exact position of each item. Whenever the tray (picking cassette) passes through the warehouse operator's zone, he or she simply has to reach over and place the desired product in it.

For Phoenix Pharma, the new conveyor systems, better organization, and smart warehouse zoning have led to reduced operating costs and cost-effective logistics operations for Phoenix Pharma.

“Each of our Phoenix Pharma projects is guided by the desire for better service for these 3 500 pharmacies and hospitals in Bulgaria. The faster orders processing at the beginning of the logistics chain leads to faster delivery and more satisfied, returning customers for Phenix Pharma " - shares STAMH Group engineering team.­