Industrial vacuum cleaners RGS ONE Series

Powerful and effective with wide application.

RGS ONE series offers a complete range of single-phase general purpose vacuum cleaners that suck up any solid and liquid waste. The models have one, two or three vacuum motors that can be switched on independently. Thanks to the main filter with its large filter surface and a 25 to 100 liter container, which is extremely easy to operate thanks to a lever system, the machines are an indispensable assistant for cleaning in the industry, repair shops and manufacturing plants.

Main advantages:

  • Machine body Ø360/460mm
  • Single phase brush motor double stage by-pass
  • Motor-head in sound-proof ABS or metal
  • Independent switches for each motor
  • Vacuum-meter and red light to control the filter efficiency
  • Manual filter shaker on top of the vacuum
  • Dust bin of 25 to 100 l with leaver system and castor wheels
  • We recommend using cleaning accessories Ø40mm and Ø50mm.


Model ONE21 / ONE22 ONE32 / ONE33 ONE62 / ONE63 ONE102 / ONE103
Power supply 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
Vacuum motor 1/2   2/3 2/3 2/3
Power 1100/2200 W 2200/3300 W 2200/3300 W 2200/3300 W
Depression 210 mbar 210 mbar 210 mbar 210 mbar
Air flow  170/340 m3/h 340/510 m3/h 340/510 m3/h 340/510 m3/h
Container 25 l 39 l 65 l 100 l

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