Industrial vacuum cleaner RGS ONE63 ECOC

Industrial machine with automatic filter cleaning sytem with compressed air

RGS ONE63 ECOC is a single-phase, 3-motor industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with a cartridge filter Ø 460 with a total filtration surface of 5 m² and automatic cleaning with compressed countercurrent, ideal for all those cases where you cannot stop the suction for cleaning the filterParticularly suitable for the continuous vacuum from machines used for the treatment of floors. 1.5 kW compressor with 24 liter tank is installed on the vacuum cleaner chassis.

Main advantages:

  • Machine body Ø460mm
  • Single phase brush motor double stage by-pass
  • Motor-head is sound-proof in metal
  • Independent switches for each motor
  • Vacuum-meter and red light to control the filter efficiency
  • Automatic filter cleaning with compressed countercurrent
  • Air compressor on-board
  • 65 l container with handle and castor wheels. Rear castors Ø150mm, front castors Ø125mm with brake
  • We recommend using cleaning accessories Ø50 mm


Model ONE63 ECOC
Power supply 230V 50Hz
Vacuum motors 3
Power 3300 (+1500) W
Depression 210 mbar
Air flow 510 m3/h
Container 65 l


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