Diesel vacuum machines Sibilia S Series

High power for use in extreme conditions

The Sibilia S Series are diesel vacuum machines, perfect solution for sucking up large quantities of dust and inert materials. The powerful diesel engine delivers the perfect balance between airflow and vacuum. The wide range of pre-separators and silos that can be combined enhances their versatility. Model can be used as fixed installations for centralized vacuum systems or as mobile vacuum units installed on a trailer or moved by forklift. Sibilia machines are most suitable for cement, chemical and metal industry as well as for power plants.


Model S8D S10D S20D S30D S40D
Power supply Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Power 32.5 kW 66 kW 97 kW 127 kW 155 kW
Depression 700 mbar 700 mbar 700 mbar 800 mbar 820 mbar
Air flow 1300 m3/h 2000 m3/h 3200 m3/h 4000 m3/hh 6000 m3/h
Weight 1230 kg 2360 kg 3070 kg 4450 kg 5000 kg

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