Workbenches for industrial factories, workshops and hardware stores.


Fami Storage Systems workbenches are designed and built to effectively meet the most varied market demands regarding work station outfitting.
A workshop bench can be supplied with metal legs or industrial-standard drawers for connections and worktops or top shelves.


  • Configuration Freedom
  • 10 Steel Colours
  • 100% Extensible Drawers
  • Multi-Purpose Panels (Multiple Customizable Solutions)
  • Complete Range of Accessories, Chairs, Vice and Hooks


Clever organisation of items and spaces minimises search times, streamlines even the most complex work processes, and ensures efficient results. To achieve this, Fami has designed a wide range of accessories to meet every need related to industrial furnishing and storage.

With drawer accessories by Fami Storage Systems – including longitudinal, slotted, transverse and channel dividers, or plastic trays to contain small items designed for the inside of drawers – the available space can be partitioned according to the items to be stored. Drawer partitioning products ensure efficient organisation of working environments in all manufacturing sectors, both for the storage of small parts and tools in a car shop and to keep instruments within easy reach in an optician’s store.

Among a variety of highly functional accessories are those for metal shelving and industrial drawer units – including perforated walls, or tool holder panels, highly useful to store tools with special tool holder hooks. Shelves and tops can be added to industrial shelving systems at any time, making them dynamic and configurable according to user requirements.

  • Configuration Freedom
  • Everything Is Clearly Visible
  • Perfect Choice For Arranging Small Materials


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