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Transport systems for boxes

Flexible and modular conveyor platform for boxes Standardized conveyor modules keeps the investment cost very low.
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To describe the right processes into customer warehouse is one of the difficult steps easily to take a decision in conveyor investment.

Main features and advantages of such an investment are given below:

  • Conveying

Versatile and reliable core products ensure a dynamic, efficient material flow across all continents and in all industries:
-    Conveyor rollers 
-    Drum motors and idler pulleys
-    24 V drives (RollerDrive) 
-    Controllers for RollerDrive and drum motors 
They are used to convey, accumulate, feed or remove goods. Powered or with the force of gravity. With or without dynamic pressure. Easy-to-install drive solutions for new plants or for refurbishing existing plants. Excellent products that will pay for themselves and that you can rely on. In every respect. 

  • Transporting and distributing

 Millions of different individual items travel through the world’s flow of goods every day and must be delivered on time to the correct destination. This is a trend that requires a performance-based logistics system with efficient material flow systems. Interroll’s innovative conveyor modules and subsystems are always ready for key locations in customers' systems:
-    Crossbelt sorters 
-    Belt curves and belt merges
-    Conveyor modules with zero-pressure accumulation 
-    Roller conveyors
-    Belt conveyors 
Precisely pre-assembled and rapidly delivered units for fast, simple integration into the complete system on site (plug and play). The conveyor modules and subsystems provide users with key assurances: excellent availability whilst being easy to use; outstanding efficiency even at low throughput volumes; efficient investment with a short period of return on investment; adaptability in the event of change. 

  • Storage and picking – we could integrate and non-motorized solutions in between transportation of goods as to reduce costs (see description below)

Economical and user-friendly: the dynamic storage solution that operates without power. It is designed for fast-moving goods (e.g. groceries) that have to be quickly picked and immediately conveyed to consumers. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious. It is known as FIFO, First In – First Out, and guarantees that what has been stored first is also picked first. Or LIFO, Last In – First Out, when the pallet stored last is picked first. It means making maximum use of minimum space. And because the needs of our customers are as diverse as their products, our central and peripheral subsystems offer unlimited design options.
-    Pallet flow
-    Carton flow 
The picking times can scarcely be beaten. The return on investment for the operator is two to three years and is integrated

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible and modular concept 
  • Energy-efficient 24 V conveyor technology
  • High throughput
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Straightforward planning