Tow tractors Hyster LO5.0-7.0T

Powerful tow tractors to pull the toughest loads
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With superior traction, the Hyster tow tractor forklift can pull loads of up to 7000kg.. This electric counterbalanced truck model is based on the successful Hyster low level order picker, offering benefits such as low cost of operation and high performance acceleration.

The Hyster tow tractor helps manufacturing operations transport material to production lines and is ideal for the automotive and engineering industries and for any type of line feed operation.

Hyster Tow Tractor Highlights:

  • Hyster LO5.0-7.0T tow tractors feature a 2,6kW AC motor that delivers powerful high performance acceleration, braking and travel speed
  • Suitable for many types of couplings, the intelligently designed universal flange ensures an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including automotive assembly and component supply operations, industries operating parts line feed, mail and parcel distribution services, transport and healthcare services and wholesale distribution
  • For tough operating environments a welded steel box construction helps to ensure long term reliability and durability by protecting the counterbalance forklift from collision impacts
  • Component wear and tear and resulting operational costs are reduced thanks to features such as regenerative braking, which reduces use of the service brake, dissipating the heat of the traction motor
  • Downtime costs are kept to a minimum through the use of onboard diagnostics and a design with easily accessible components helping to make maintenance quick and simple. The AC traction motor with built in thermal protection is fully enclosed for protection against damage and debris
  • Energy efficiency further supports a lower cost of operation and is achieved through advanced control features, such as adjustable performance settings that enable the truck to be tailored to meet the specific application requirements
  • The LO5.0-7.0T tow tractor is available with a coasting function (previously known as creep control), that enables the operator to move with the truck without mounting the vehicle
Model LO5.0T LO7.0T
Load capacity (kg) 5000 7000
Lift height (mm)  -   - 
Battery capacity (v / ah) 24V / 465-620Ah 24V / 465-620Ah
Weight (kg) 1018 / 1132 1236 / 1380


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