TMB Professional single disk machines TP Series

For daily, regular and basic cleaning.

Equipped with stainless steel chassis and PPL base, they embody efficiency and flexibility in an ergonomic machine. Models can be belt or gear based on the flooring required.
TP 43 G - Professional single-disc, direct-drive gearbox. Disk rotation speed of 160 rpm is suitable for routine maintenance. The machine can be equipped with an additional weight of 7 kg. The detachable power cord facilitates transportation and maintenance operations.
TP 43, TP 43 400 and TP 43 DS - Professional single-disc belt drive machines. Available at 180 rpm for deep cleaning, 400 rpm for polishing or dry maintenance. The DS version is a two-stage 180/400 rev. / min.


Model TP 43G TP 43 TP 43 400 TP 43DS
Power 1100 W 1100 W 1400 W 1100/1400 W
Brush size / drop 43 cm 43 cm 43 cm 43 cm
Revolutions per minute 160 rpm 180 rpm 400 rpm 180/400 rpm
Weight 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg 30 kg


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