TMB Professional single disk machines TF/TS Series

Heavy Duty

TF Line

Two widths in universal machines, suitable for maintenance and basic cleaning. Both have steel foundations that, in addition to the high-power engine in a compact frame, deliver optimum results even in tight and inaccessible spaces.

TS Line

A range of flooring machines, especially suited for more demanding work. These models have an aluminum base for higher resistance to heavy chemical agents and a steel gearbox. They can be equipped with additional weights up to 8 kg on request.


Model TF 33 TF 43 TS 43 Plus TS 43 1800 TS 43 2200
Power 1100 W 1100 W 1100 W 1800 W 2200 W
Brush size / drop 33 cm 43 cm 43 cm 4 cm 43 cm
Revolutions per minute 160 rpm 160 rpm 160 rpm 160 rpm 160 rpm
Weight 32 kg 35 kg 42 kg 42 kg 42 kg