Super compact pallet truck Hyster PSC1.2 and PC1.4

Extremely compact pedestrian electric pallet truck with excellent maneuverability.

Hyster pedestrian pallet trucks are built for lasting dependability, with their durable welded steel construction and a high quality, scratch resistant paint finish. The pedestrian pallet trucks are ideal for loading or unloading lorries and for internal transportation of closed and open pallets over short distances.  The PSC1.2 and PC1.4 are robust, powerful and reliable, designed to suit a variety of light to medium duty warehouse applications.


  • MOSFET DC Combi controller for traction and hydraulic controls.
  • Welded fork construction makes them highly resistant to torsion and heavy loads.
  • In case of collision components and batteries are protected with special designed cover.
  • Compact chassis design to improve accessibility.
  • Operator-friendly tiller head controls for productive load handling.
  • Standard anti-roll back system.
  • Stabilising wheels to maximise stability when turning.
  • Single load wheels and exit/entry roller to optimise pallet handling.
  • Ergonomically tiller head designed for maximum operator comfort.
  • Low effort controls ergonomically placed to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Adjustable performance setting to suit specific operation conditions.
  • Responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking allow a smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration.
  • Creep-speed function for maneuvering in dense areas
  • On board charger for on-site recharge.
  • Optimised battery packs to ensure maximum time of operation.
  • Easy access to motor and key components to reduce downtime.
  • Quick accessibility for exchange of maintenance free sealed batteries.
Model PSC1.2 PC1.4
Loading capacity  1200 kg 1400 kg
Battery capacity 24V / 50Ah 24V / 80Ah
Lifting height 200 mm 200 mm


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