Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing Santoemma POWERTEC

Powertec system - the solution for cleaning and sanitizing of public restrooms

Powertec30 is an innovative machine for cleaning and sanitising restrooms in areas open to public. The cleaning process is carried out through three stages:

  • 1 Spraying of chemical solution on all the surfaces to be cleaned (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers and panes)
  • 2 Rinsing with clean water
  • 3 Vacuuming of residual water from floor

This system is suitable to clean and sanitize small and medium-size restrooms. Two models are available: Powertec (cable powered) and Powertec Battery (battery powered).


Model Powertec 30 Powertec 30 Battery
Power 1000 W 350 W
Vacuum 22 kPa 11 kPa
Maximum air-flow 50 l/s 35 l/s
Clean water tank capacity 30 l 30 l
Recovery tank capacity 30 l 30 l
Max. Pressure 9 bar 9 bar
Weight 35 kg 81 kg