Restroom Cleaning and Sanitizing SANTOEMMA FOAMTEC

Foamtec system - the power of foam for heavy-duty cleaning

Foam-Rinse-Vacuum system was developed and patented by Santoemma as a revolutionary system to clean and sanitize public restrooms, by foaming, rinsing all surfaces and vacuuming, using a single machine. Foam ensures an extended chemical action on the dirt and bacteria and is therefore ideal for many places which need an heavy duty action.

The cleaning and sanitizing process is carried out through four stages:

  • 1 Foam spraying on al the surfaces (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers, panes)
  • 2 Foam chemical action against dirt and bacteria,
  • 3 Rinsing with fresh water, to remove foam residual from the surfaces
  • 4 Vacuuming of residual liquid from floor.
Model  Foamtec 15 Foamtec 30 Foamtec 70
Power 1000 W 1000 W 2x1000 W
Vacuum 22 kPa 22 kPa 22 kPa
Maximum air-flow 50 l/s 60 l/s 120 l/s
Clean water tank capacity 14 l 30 l 70 l
Recovery tank capacity 14 l 30 l 70 l
Max. Pressure 9 bar 9 bar 28 bar
Weight 50 kg 74 kg 95 kg