Pedestrian stacker Hyster S1.0-2.0 S1.2-1.6 IL

Tough and reliable pedestrian stackers with the lowest energy consumption in the industry.

Tough with maximum control and visibility, the Hyster S1.0-2.0 pedestrian stacker is easy to manoeuvre while stacking and retrieving loads at low and medium lift heights.

These reliable and energy efficient pedestrian stackers are designed also for horizontal load transfer over short and medium travel distances, delivering a low cost of operation.  Hyster S1.2-1.6 IL version pedestrian stacker is ideal for double pallet handling.


Hyster Powered Pedestrian Stacker Highlights:

  • Built with the quality hallmarks of Hyster: toughness, intelligent design, dependability and efficiency
  • Lowest energy consumption in its class with AC infrastructure on drive and steering motors
  • Powerful acceleration and travel speed of up to 6km/h due to the 1.2 kW traction motor giving superior performance and productivity
  • Seamless changes in travel direction, increasing cycle speeds and control of pallet handling operations
  • Tiller arm position reduces the space required to operate the truck, offering low effort steering 
  • Maximum visibility thanks to reduced mast channel width and the position of the lift cylinder.  The load rollers are greased for life
  • Dual process controllers for increased reliability
  • Robust chassis design with a one-piece base frame (no welded arms) 
  • Proven reliability and durability for ease of maintenance with a high level of parts commonality with other Hyster products
  • Display provides error codes, battery status and hour-meter 
  • This truck offers a low cost of operation with a service interval for hydraulic oil and filter of 3000 hours or 3 years
Model      Load capacity (kg)   Lift height (mm)    Ast (wide / long) (mm)       Battery capacity (v / ah)   Weight (kg)
S1.0 1000 3800 2307 / 2293 24V / 150-200Ah 956
S1.2 1200 4900 2359 / 2345 24V / 210-250Ah 1005
S1.4 1400 5460 2359 / 2345 24V / 210-375Ah 1038
S1.6 1600 6020 2428 / 2414 24V / 315-375Ah 1145
S2.0 2000 4000 2428 / 2414 24V / 315-375Ah 1151
S1.2IL 1200 4900 2449 / 2436 24V / 210-250Ah 1111
S1.4IL 1400 5460 2449 / 2436 24V / 210-250Ah 1111
S1.6IL 1600 6020 2518 / 2505 24V / 315-375Ah 1187


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