Pallet stackers Hyster

The Hyster range of pallet stackers and lifters deliver energy efficiency, high performance, driver comfort, and low maintenance costs for the most demanding warehouse applications. These warehouse stackers are ergonomically designed to maximise operator productivity when placing goods into low to mid-level racking.
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Stackers are manual forklifts. They are highly maneuverable machines that allow easy maintenance. Stackers are produced with different lifting capacity and lifting height. They are preferred for work in various warehouses, bases and shops due to their maneuverability and easy management. Stackers can be mechanical or electrical.



Pedestrian stacker Hyster S1.0-1.2E

Pedestrian stacker Hyster S1.0-2.0 S1.2-1.6 IL

Platform stacker Hyster S1.2-2.0S-IL-SL

Compact stacker Hyster SC1.0

Rider Stacker Hyster RS1.6

Counterbalanced stackers Hyster S1.0-1.5C