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Operative leasing & financial services

Operational and financial leasing for lifting equipment.
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Hyster-BG in partnership with Hyster Europe and Unicredit Leasing Bulgaria (Unicredit Group) offer their clients a wide range of financial services for the purchase of new lifting equipment. The client can choose the form (operational or financial) and the lease term.With operating leases, thanks to the international agreement between Hyster Europe and Unicredit Group, the customer is guaranteed the repurchase of the machines under a Hyster Europe approved scheme with a residual value based on the life of the machine and the hours worked. Thus, the residual value is clear to the client from the very beginning when signing the leasing contract. under transparent rules defined by the manufacturer himself.

  • Financial leasing
  • Operating lease for 12 to 60 months
  • Redemption guaranteed with transparent residual value scheme
  • Maximum terms based on international agreement between Hyster Europe and Unicredit Group
  • A great alternative to buying new machines instead of used and old ones