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Henkel Serbia operates in its warehouse in accordance with the standard EN 15635: 2011

STAMH Company Ltd. from Novi Sad, Serbia, has carried out periodic inspection of the racking construction in the warehouse of finished products and in the production plant of Henkel Serbia in Kručevac, in accordance with standard EN 15635: 2011. The employees in the company STAMH Ltd. are certified by the German company DIEMER Ingenierurburo GmbH for testing racking construction in accordance with this standard. Within the standard it is recommended that the periodic inspections of pallet racking is carried out at least once a year.

Periodic inspection includes checking the degree of damage to the elements of the racking construction after which the key elements are classified based on the damage to the standard prescribed zone of risk. When examining the company Henkel Serbia was concluded that the company strictly abides by the guidelines provided by the SRPS EN 15635: 2011 in order to safely perform operations within the warehouse  at the territory of Krusevac.

Henkel  continues to contribute to its vision of becoming world leader in brands and technology. Today, Henkel has the leading position among consumer goods and industry used products.

Article of magazine LOGISTIKA I TRANSPORT

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